Los Gonzalez Editing provides professional editing and copy editing services. We are a team of graduates from the top ranked universities in Poland, Europe, and USA, which work in Poland, and are affiliated with local research institutions. Owing to our expertise in publishing academic or scientific writing we help professors, lecturers, postdoctoral researchers, research students by submitting their manuscripts.

Do you need your manuscript being formatted in a professional manner?

Los Gonzalez Editing saves your valuable time by having one of us format the manuscript and references. We check each manuscript against author guidelines and adjust the citations, references, and layout of the document to the correct conventions. All figures and tables in the manuscript are moved to the recommended location, figure titles and legends are standardized.

Can we help with your thesis or dissertation?

Los Gonzalez Editing specialists format figures such as graphs, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, and tables. In addition, we are able to set out references and citations if you need it. Just send us your formatting guidelines. Our editors are ready to correct the grammar, phrasing, punctuation, and word choice in your thesis or dissertation.

Are you too busy to do editing yourself?

Let Los Gonzalez Editing do that for you. Our editors focus on correcting spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation errors. They will work on style to make the writing sound more professional. Just submit your manuscript, decide how quickly you need the work done, and we will do the rest.

Do you want to improve the visual presentation of your research?

The right placement of figures will greatly highlight your work. We can generate publication-ready figures from your original files. Just upload your existing figure along with the guidelines. We accept many file formats.